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Authorized by the original Dr. Vodder Schule - Austria

Welcome to Dr. Vodder School International

The Dr. Vodder School International is the training program to take if you are looking for the source of the original Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD®) and Combined Decongestive Therapy. Learn the original, unadulterated form of Dr. Vodder's techniques from an authorized school and certified instructors.

We provide the highest standard of training with empathic and knowledgeable instructors, trained to teach the refined hands-on techniques that achieve great results. In every therapist certification program, an expert lymphologist teaches the academic portion of the course.

Accredited by the Dr. Vodder Schule in Walchsee and by the Vodders themselves, we are one of two Vodder Schools in the world authorized to teach the original Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage.

Health Care Practitioners:  If you are a Health Care Practitioner, please search under Therapist Training to find out more about our program. Our Course Calendar  will guide you to the right course. If you have already received training in Lymphedema Management and are interested in one of our Advanced Trainings, please go to Advanced Courses  to find one of the advanced trainings to suit your needs.  Our expert Faculty is ready to educate and inspire you. For updates on current lymphology information, research and articles, please visit our Education Centre.

Our therapist training meets the prerequisite requirements of LANA, the Lymphology Association of North America, enabling therapists to sit the LANA exam.

Patients:  If you are looking for an expertly trained and certified therapist please click on the Find a Therapist directory. You can search in many countries and have confidence that our therapists are up-to-date in current procedures.   To find out more about Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy, we invite you to browse through the Therapist Training section. Our Education Centre is designed to give interesting articles and news updates in the field of lymphology and lymphedema management.

Estheticians:  We offer a separate training program for qualified estheticians described in our Esthetician Training.  Find out more about how Manual Lymph Drainage can be used in the esthetician setting and where you can take a Training Program. Our Find an Esthetician directory directs you to find a qualified esthetician that you can have confidence in. Read this informative article by Prof. Hildegard Wittlinger about the role of MLD for an esthetician.

Products:  Books, DVDs, CD Roms and other devices are available in our Products section.  Our goal is to help you to become knowledgeable and informed.

Please join us and explore the Dr. Vodder School to find out why we are considered the Gold Standard in training in the original Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage and more.

Upcoming Courses

Course Date Location
Basic Review 2014-04-26 Berkeley, CA
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-04-28 Victoria, BC
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-04-28 Oakland, CA
Vodder Review / Recertification (3 day) 2014-05-03 Victoria, BC
Therapy II & III (10 day) 2014-05-05 Victoria, BC
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-05-05 Northampton, MA
Basic Neck & Face (3 day) 2014-05-05 Toronto, ON
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-05-10 Halifax, NS
Basic Neck & Face (3 day) 2014-05-11 Chicago, IL
Basic French (5 day) 2014-05-12 Chicoutimi, QC
Advanced Neck & Face (3 day) 2014-05-13 Chicago, IL
Basic (5 day) 2014-05-14 Houston, TX
Basic (5 day) 2014-05-17 Hot Springs, NC
Basic Body (5 day) 2014-05-17 Hot Springs, NC
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-05-23 Hot Springs, NC
Spa Body / Wellness (6 days) 2014-05-23 Hot Springs, NC
Basic (5 day) 2014-05-26 Singapore
Basic (5 day) 2014-05-28 Dallas, TX
Vodder Review / Recertification (3 day) 2014-05-30 Stowe, VT
Basic French (5 day) 2014-05-31 Montreal, QC
Basic Neck & Face (3 day) 2014-05-31 San Francisco, CA
Advanced Body Review 2014-06-01 Stowe, VT
Advanced Neck & Face Review 2014-06-01 Stowe, VT
Spa Body Wellness Review 2014-06-01 Stowe, VT
Therapy II & III (10 day) 2014-06-02 Stowe, VT
Advanced Neck & Face Review 2014-06-03 San Diego, CA
Basic Review 2014-06-14 Berkeley, CA
Basic (5 day) 2014-06-16 Oakland, CA
Therapy II & III (10 day) 2014-06-16 Walchsee, Austria
Therapy II & III (10 day) 2014-06-17 Toronto, ON
Vodder Review / Recertification (3 day) 2014-06-20 Toronto, ON
Lymph Taping 2014-06-23 Toronto, ON
Lymph Taping 2014-06-26 Victoria, BC
Vodder Review / Recertification (3 day) 2014-06-30 Walchsee, Austria
Basic (5 day) 2014-07-16 Jackson, TN
Basic (5 day) 2014-07-17 Sydney, NSW
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-07-24 Sydney, NSW
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-07-24 Dallas, TX
Therapy I (5 day) 2014-07-25 Washington, DC
Therapy II & III (10 day) 2014-07-31 Sydney, NSW
Therapy II & III French (10 day) 2014-08-18 Montreal, QC
Vodder Review / Recertification French (3 day) 2014-08-23 Montreal, QC
Advanced Neck & Face (3 day) 2014-08-23 San Francisco, CA
Therapy II & III (10 day) 2014-09-07 Washington, DC
Vodder Review / Recertification (3 day) 2014-09-20 Asheville, NC
Lymph Taping 2014-09-20 Washington, DC
Basic Review 2014-09-20 Berkeley, CA
Basic (5 day) 2014-09-22 Oakland, CA
Lymph Taping 2014-09-23 Asheville, NC
Basic Neck & Face (3 day) 2014-10-04 Tacoma, WA
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