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Esthetician Training & Schedule

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ARRANGE A CLASS IN YOUR CITY: contact the Dr. Vodder School to arrange a certified Dr. Vodder instructor to come to your city if you do not see your location on the schedule.

Esthetician Training Program

The Esthetician Training Program offers Esthetician and Spa/Bodywork Therapists the best available education in the original Dr. Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). Our teachers have a passionate, caring focus that will help you to realize the best possible outcomes for your clients.
The courses are open to licensed Esthetician and Spa / Bodywork therapists who have graduated from a practitioner training program.
The training is offered in two 3-day courses: Basic Neck & Face and Advanced Neck & Face. There are also two 5-day courses available: Basic Body and Advanced Body. In addition, Advanced Updating classes are offered to those who have completed the training. These are Advanced Neck & Face Review and Advanced Body Review
For the convenience of those who are often not able to leave work for longer period of time, these courses may be taken independently at various locations and times.

Please view the Course Schedule for an up-to-date schedule of classes and call the organizer direct for further class information.:

Esthetician Course Schedule


Course Date Location
Advanced Body (5 day) 2015-12-09 Taipei, Taiwan
Advanced Neck & Face (3 day) 2015-10-21 Oakland, CA
Basic Body (5 day) 2015-05-04 Deer Valley, UT
Basic Body (5 day) 2015-05-11 Hot Springs, NC
Basic Body (5 day) 2015-12-02 Taipei, Taiwan
Basic Neck & Face (3 day) 2015-05-11 Hot Springs, NC
Basic Neck & Face (3 day) 2015-10-19 Oakland, CA

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