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Therapy I (5 day)

Course Information
Date: April 02, 2012
Location: Oakland, CA
Organizer: Gay Lee Gulbrandson CLT-LANA
Instructor: Gay Lee Gulbrandson
Description: The practical sessions of this course include special techniques for the joints, the head (including intra-oral) and abdomen. They introduce the student to therapeutic applications such as post operative and post trauma indications. A review of all Basic techniques and sequences is given. In the theory sessions, advanced theory and current research is discussed as well as a review of Basic theory. A written and practical exam is given to test the student's competence in Basic techniques and theory.

Please come prepared for the Therapy I class. Read through your Basic notes, practice and review techniques and sequences using the Basic DVD. If you do not have them already the Basic DVD and Lecture Notes are available for purchase to prepare you for the course. Knowing the treatment sequences learned in Basic will help tremendously in this class. If possible, practice with someone who has completed the class. If you have taken the class more than 2 years ago please contact us.

This is the second segment of the four classes.
You must take Basic before taking Therapy I and Therapy I is a prerequisite for Therapy II & III.

Required book for the course is "Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage; A Practical Guide" by the Wittlingers
Additional Notes: Visit Gay Lee's Website for more information and cost!
Please know the basic body sequences before class, as above. Dr. Vodder's MLD: A Practical Guide is the text, and an excellent resource for review.
The beautiful classroom and massage room is 1.5 miles from Oakland International Airport, just off freeway, with excellent nearby accommodations (one on the estuary - most have free shuttle), nearby park, retail, etc.
Gay Lee is a great teacher and you will learn new advanced skills.
. . . . Live and Learn MLD
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