Words About Our Program...


"When we practice the basic strokes over and over again, our palpation skills deepen and we become aware of more and more under our hands.  At a time where knowledge is highly promoted we don't want to forget the significance of what our hands can do and that building manual skills takes repetition and time." SN, DPT, Kennewick, WA

"As a nurse, I thought my clinical training had prepared me well for entering into the world of lymph...I was mistaken. The deep dive we take into the lymphatic system with the Vodder program exceeded my nursing knowledge of what was known about the lymphatic system. This was especially true during the level II and III courses in which we were instructed by a physician to navigate further into the pathophysiology of lymphedema. I am very impressed with the level of education and most importantly the post certification/graduation support! You have truly been a wonderful resource! When I chose to do MLD and make my academic investment with the Vodder School I knew I was going to the "gold standard" program. However the ongoing support that you have given to me and my fellow classmates has been exceptional. It's so comforting to know that our support system is still available after we graduate!"  CT, USA

"Just finished my first review in Stowe, VT. It was worth every penny. Already looking forward to the next one. Thanks to Robert and Professor Wittlinger. It was a wonderful experience meeting all the other MLD therapists." FL, USA

"I have a new job now, only treating lymphedema. Thanks to my Vodder background, they offered me a terrific salary." Windsor, CT, USA

"I so appreciate the quality of your teaching, your sense of humor and for making me reach deeper  PA, USA

"I had such a wonderful experience this past weekend at the Review class. Thank you for an excellent recertification course. I feel very renewed in my work and find I am taking more time with my strokes and paying more attention to my hands" FL, USA  

"My practice has gone from 5-10% MLD to 85% plus MLD in two short years being Vodder-certified. It is by far the most rewarding work I've ever done and what I feel confident 'bringing to the table' for these deserving ladies in need!" Phoenix, AZ, USA

"Thank you for serving me and equipping me to practice the Vodder MLD Technique. Because of you, my work as a massage therapist has become more rewarding and fulfilling than I ever thought possible." Park Ridge, IL, USA

"The training was phenomenal and the entire experience awesome! I learned so much and brought home an enormous amount of practical information that I was able to apply at work immediately for the benefit of my clients." Tamarac, FL, USA

"This class has been motivational, instructional and inspirational. I have not focused this much on one treatment practice in 20 years of nursing."Lymphedema Coordinator at Stanford University Health Services, CA, USA

"Thank you for making this a great course, I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it."Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

"The course material was excellent and I have a good handle on patient treatment plans with the skills and protocols that were presented." Delmar Physical Therapy, Delmar, NY, USA

"The extensive information load was handled with great ease . . . . you did a terrific job. Your patience and calm instruction, particularly, was greatly appreciated." Cudahy, WI, USA

"Also thanks again for such a wonderful experience. I feel very prepared to deal with most anything in my practice due to the thoughtful program you designed." Oakpark, IL, USA

"The lymphedema program here is going great thanks to the exceptional Dr. Vodder training I received." Hallandale, FL, USA

"We've been working very hard here and I have to say that your training made me feel really prepared for what landed in my lap, even the day after I arrived back from your course." Murrels Inlet, SC, USA

Comments from clients of therapists who have taken Our Program...

"I am being treated by one of your grads. I have been in pain, I must say for years. I never really had anyone say just what the cause was. Could be this, could be that. Dr.Ruskin at Desert Pain Inst. treated my spinal pain and sent me on for therapy with Aileen Walton, also at Desert Pain Inst. in Mesa , AZ.. I have not felt this good in YEARS! For me it comes close to magic!!! I am getting my life back, with no pain the depression that has had me in it's clutches for years is lifting. I thought I would live out my life in pain and be happy to go when my time came.
I am sending my thanks to the Vodder School for the training Aileen has and the help she has given me. I have a chance for a new life and for that I am very grateful.
" RW