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Clinical Wellness Therapist

Clinical Wellness Therapist Training Program


Recognized by the spa and medical wellness communities, the 90 hour NCBTMB approved Dr. Vodder’s Clinical Wellness Certification program focuses on the specific use of MLD in a spa and / or medical wellness setting. Offered in 2 components; Basic Body and Clinical Wellness.
Basic Body
Students are introduced to the anatomy and physiology of the blood and lymph vessel system, the loose connective tissue and the body’s transportation mechanisms. Practical training includes instruction in MLD treatment techniques and protocols for each individual body part. (40 hours)

Clinical Wellness
The practical sessions of this course include advanced spa protocols and treatment sequences for specific non pathological conditions.  Protocols will include MLD sequences and recommended combination spa treatments for reaching specific goals. Treatment protocols will focus on pre and post cosmetic surgery, trauma, sports injuries, dermatological indications and common lifestyle disorders including chronic digestive issues, insomnia, sinusitis and headaches. An oral, written and practical exam is given to test the student’s competence in Basic techniques and theory as well as the application of spa methods.  A certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete the exam. NCBTMB approved training (50 hours). Prerequisite: Basic Body.

Clinical Wellness Workshop & Review
Description: Designed to broaden the range and application of MLD services in wellness, spa and clinical environments, this five day, 40 hour workshop review is open to students who have certified in Clinical Wellness (formerly Spa Body Wellness). The workshop is designed to fine tune MLD therapeutic skills while focusing on treatment protocols for lifestyle related disorders. Areas of concentration include but not limited to chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, skin conditions, digestive and post cosmetic recovery.
A number of individuals suffering with lifestyle disorders will participate as Case Study Subjects and one of the goals of the workshop will be to observe and measure the accumulative effects of MLD treatments.
Dr. Gabrielle Knaus, M.D. (a certified Dr. Vodder MLD therapist ) will oversee and record the results. Case study participants will receive two treatments daily.
The workshop will also review theory and explore in some detail the marketing opportunities of MLD in the evolving health and wellness marketplace.
Attending students will satisfy Clinical Wellness re-certification requirements. The training is approved by NCBTMB for 40 CE Hours.


Clinical Wellness Review
This Dr. Vodder review is open to therapists who have successfully completed the Spa Body Wellness or the Clinical Wellness course and have earned Dr. Vodder certification in Clinical Wellness or Spa Body Wellness. The 12 hour review will concentrate on practical skills: reviewing Basic Body protocols and refining stroke techniques. The anatomy and physiology of the lymph vessel system will be reviewed. Selected resort and medical spa documented case histories will be presented and reviewed. Post surgery techniques will be discussed. Participating therapists receive a certificate of attendance and qualify for a 'Find a Clinical Wellness Therapist' listing on the official Dr. Vodder website. The listings show only Clinical Wellness therapists who have completed the Clinical Wellness or Review course within the past two years. (Practical 9 hrs/ 3 hrs theory).

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ARRANGE A CLASS IN YOUR CITY: contact the Dr. Vodder School to arrange a certified Dr. Vodder instructor to come to your city if you do not see your location on the schedule.