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Professional Version

Professional Version

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Professional Version
Understanding the lymphatic system in health and disease.

This landmark educational and awareness promoting project is led by Professor Neil Piller and represents the culmination of knowledge from his and others experience in the Lymphedema Assessment Clinic and from the Experimental Lymphology and Microcirculatory laboratories in Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia.

The program provides users with the latest information on lymphedema in written, audio and visual forms.

Version 1.2 of the CD Rom is now available and there are separate Patient and Professional versions of the CD. The Professional version includes new limb measurement tools (able to measure to 0.1cm) and measure the limb at distances specified by garment manufacturers and both versions have updated information on assessment and diagnostic techniques.
The information is adapted to each audience.

The main areas covered include:
  • Structure and function of the lymphatic system
  • Lymphedema - the risk factors
  • When the swelling is not lymphedema
  • Patient assessment
  • Treatment and management options
The interactive package is based on sound anatomical, physiological and pathophysiological knowledge. It is presented as a series of interactive media, including over 20 videos and 50 animated movies visually showing how the lymphatic system works, the impact of various conditions and events, compression garments and bandaging, massage, and a range of other techniques and strategies.

Included are risk assessment forms, which enable patients and practitioners to measure the impact on quality of life and activities of daily living as well as track the progress of limb under treatment, plus a range of other files that can be downloaded.

There is also a series of lectures which can be heard on an audio CD player ranging from historical aspects through to risk prevention and details of treatments, both traditional and recently investigated. The text versions of these are available on the CD-ROM.

The package is relevant for any patient with a limb swelling, patients who believe they are at risk of lymphoedema (either primary or secondary), medical specialists (surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists), family doctors/general practitioners, allied health care professionals and students.

System requirements: Personal Computer (PC):
  • Windows 98 software or later
  • 64Mb memory
  • CD-ROM Drive of 8x or faster
  • Pentium 200MHz or equivalent processor (450MHz optimal)
  • Sound card and video card
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