Therapy II & III Training Program (10 Day)

Therapy II & III is the final class in order to become certified.

Basic and Therapy 1 must be taken before taking Therapy II & III.

Successful completion of the Therapy I exam enables the student to continue to these final two courses which are taught consecutively. They are taught usually in two 5-day segments with a 2-day break between.


Join us in our intimate and inspiring classes for one-on-one education by one of our expert theory instructors.  Enjoy 15 hours of live, classroom instruction with an expert in the field who will guide you through the complexities of working with challenging patients. Theoretical instruction is given by the medical director of the Dr. Vodder School or a physician/lymphologist with many years of experience in lymphology.


The practical part of the course with an experienced, certified instructor covers various pathologies with an emphasis on lymphedema treatment in the context of Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Bandaging and specific MLD treatments are taught.


At the end of the course, students take a written and practical exam to demonstrate competence in techniques, treatment and bandaging. Students who successfully complete the examinations may then describe themselves as Vodder-Certified MLD/CDT Therapists. 



Required book for the course is "Lymphedema, Diagnosis and Therapy" by Horst Weissleder and Christian Schuchhardt

Sample Therapy II & III Course outline

Class time: 80 hrs (Practical 65 hrs, Theory 15 hrs)

Course cost ranges between $1995 and $2150 in the US and Canada (add HST/GST for courses in Canada). Please contact organizer for more accurate information.


Comment from a client of one of our trained therapists...."I am being treated by one of your grads. I have been in pain, I must say for years. I never really had anyone say just what the cause was. Could be this, could be that. Dr.Ruskin at Desert Pain Inst. treated my spinal pain and sent me on for therapy with Aileen Walton, also at Desert Pain Inst. in Mesa , AZ.. I have not felt this good in YEARS! For me it comes close to magic!!! I am getting my life back, with no pain the depression that has had me in it's clutches for years is lifting. I thought I would live out my life in pain and be happy to go when my time came.
I am sending my thanks to the Vodder School for the training Aileen has and the help she has given me. I have a chance for a new life and for that I am very grateful.
" RW


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