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                                                       Therapy News February 2013
                                                The Walschee Lymphology conference
                                                         A new way to bandage a hand

Therapy News September 2012
ILF highlights from Montpellier, France
National Lymphedema Network Conference - Dallas, Texas

Therapy News February 2012
Challenges in Lymphedema Diagnosis
One of the first North American Vodder Therapists turned 100

Therapy News September 2011
International Lymphedema Framework conference Toronto
Financial resourcefulness

Therapy News February 2011
Publishing your findings
North American Lymphedema Education Association   

Therapy News September 2010
Seroma Treatment
New Diagnostic Procedure

Therapy News February 2010
ISL Conference Sydney
Transcapillary Fluid exchange

Therapy News September 2009                                            
Pain and disability in lymphedema                                        
Intercostal brachial neuralgia                                                 

Therapy News February 2009
Microlymphatic surgery  for lymphedema
Advanced garment fitter course

Therapy News September 2008                                             
New website                                                                        
NLN and ALA conference reports                                           

Therapy News February 2008 
Professor Weissleder 
Lymphedema Diagnosis and Therapy – 4th Ed.     
Therapy News September 2007                                            
Fat deposition in relation to slow and fast lymph flow             
Dutch lymphedema conference report                                   

Therapy News February 2007
Breast lymphedema
German lymphology congress and NLN conference reports

Therapy News September 2006                                            
Behaviour management for lymphedema patients                 
ALA conference report                                                         

Therapy News February 2006
Emil Vodder, part 2
ISL congress Brazil

Therapy News September 2005                                            
Emil Vodder, part 1                                                            
Recent research from the Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic 

Therapy News February 2005
National Lipedema Association

Therapy News September 2004                                            
Support group as an educational tool                                   
Forming the Alberta Lymphedema Association

Therapy News February 2004
Dr. Melanie Wohlgennant
ISL Congress Freiburg, report

Therapy News September 2003                                           
ISL Congress Freiburg, report                                             
German lymphology congress report                                     

Therapy News February 2003 
Working in a palliative care setting
 An Arm and a Leg. German lymphology congress report

Therapy News September 2002                                            
Laser therapy research                                                       
ALA conference report

Therapy News February 2002
Howard Douglass
Kinesiotaping for lymphedema

Therapy News September 2001                                            
Cambodia experience                                                        
Searching for articles on-line.  Radiation therapy                   

Therapy News February 2001
Lymphedema Assessment Clinic
Rosacea linked to swelling

Therapy News September 2000                                           
Plea from a lymphedema patient                                        
Starling’s hypothesis revisited                                             

Therapy News February 2000
ISL congress, India
Differential diagnosis of lipedema and lymphedema

Therapy News September 1999                                            
Early detection of cancer                                                    
European certification standards                                      

Therapy News February 1999
History of MLD/CDT in North America
German Lymphology congress report

Therapy News September 1998 
Retrospective lymphedema study from Dr. Vodder clinic, Austria
NLN conference report